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CO2-lasers and systems:

- leak detector SF6 LaserGasTest
- optical parametric oscillators
- compact CO2-lasers
- CO2-lasers: series Z and ZT
- pyrodetectors of laser radiation
- frequency standard
- software integration
- nonlinear crystals

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General partner in Germany
for SF6 LaserGasTest system:
HLS Hypertech Laser Systems GmbH
Maria-Goeppert str. 1,
23562, Luebeck,
Phone/Fax: +49 451 121 36 80

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Japan South Korea
Authorized Exclusive Distributor for Japan and South Korea
for SF6 LaserGasTest system:
Aims Corporation
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Machida, Tokyo 194-0011
Phone: +81-42-799-0606
Fax: +81-42-799-0604

e-mail: info@aimscorp.jp
Authorized Exclusive Distributor for China, Taiwan, Hong-Kong, Macao
for SF6 LaserGasTest system:
Beijing Develot M&C Co., Ltd.
Room 17A, Tower 2,
Golden Resource Business Center
Landianchang Eastern Road
Hadian District, Beijing 10097
Phone: +010-88863868
Fax: +010-88893256

e-mail: develot@develot.sina.net
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Compact CO2 lasers
(S series)

compact CO2-laser

We have developed one of the smallest all-metal sealed-off waveguide CO2 lasers in the world:

Wavelength 10.6 μm
Average power up to 2 W
Pulse power 25-30 W
Pulse repetition frequency up to 3 kHz
Beam quality (M2) 1.2
Dimensions 190 x 80 x 50 mm
Weight 1.5 kg

This model is available with stabilization at P14 line (10,532 μm).
Also this model is available with doubled frequency (SHG).
Contact us for your specific requirements. We can adopt our lasers to fit your needs.
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