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CO2-lasers and systems:

- leak detector SF6 LaserGasTest
- optical parametric oscillators
- compact CO2-lasers
- CO2-lasers: series Z and ZT
- pyrodetectors of laser radiation
- frequency standard
- software integration
- nonlinear crystals

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CO2-lasers series Z and ZT

Description of CO2-laser series Z:
CO2 lasers Z series

Wavelength 10.6 μm
Average power 40 W
Pulse power 150 W
Pulse repetition frequency up to 15 kHz
Pulse duration 30-150 μs
Beam quality (M2) 1.2
Dimensions 580 x 140 x 170 mm
Weight 17 kg

Description of CO2-laser series ZT (tunable)
CO2-laser ZT series
Wavelength 9.2-11.8 μm
Average power 5 W
Pulse power 30 W
Pulse repetition frequency up to 5 kHz
Pulse duration 30-150 μs
Beam quality (M2) 1.2
Dimensions 800 x 200 x 160 mm
Weight 18 kg

Laser power at different wavelengths is shown in the table.