Waveguide CO2-lasers
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CO2-laser with average power 2 W

Compact CO2-laser

S series

Compact waveguide RF excited CO2-laser, maximum of average power — 2 W. Laser works in pulse-periodic mode. Technical characteristic of CO2-laser can be changed on the customer's request.

Waveguide СО2 laser with average power 40 W

Waveguide CO2-laser

Z series

Waveguide RF excited CO2-laser Z series with average power up to 40 W. Laser works in pulse-periodic mode.

Tunable CO2-laser with average power 5 W

Tunable CO2-laser

ZT series

Waveguide RF excited СО2-laser tunable in spectral range 9.2 — 11.8 μm. Maximum of average power is 5 W. The design of the heat exchangers expects both air and liquid cooling.