News and events

01.12.2017 The team of Special Technologies Ltd. sincerely congratulates engineer Nadezhda Kostyukova with a successful defense of the PD thesis. Theme of the dissertation is "Parametric generation of light of the middle IR range in HgGa2S4 and BaGa4Se7 crystals".

23.03.2017 National Research Tomsk State University together with Special Technologies, Ltd. received a diploma of the 1st degree for the development of a hardware and software complex for screening lung cancer based on the analysis of exhaled air using laser spectroscopy and intellectual data analysis in the competition of innovative projects within the framework of the international exhibition -congress "High technologies. Innovation. Investments »(HI-TECH), held in St. Petersburg (March 14-16, 2017).

18.01.2017 Young scientists submitted the abstracts of the report "Rb: PPKTP Optical Parametric Oscillator with Intracavity Difference-Frequency Generation in Temperature-Tuned OPGaAs" for the conference The European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO® / Europe- EQEC), which will be held in Munich from 25 to 29 June 2017.

14.11.2016 Insulation gas leakage detector SF6 LaserGasTest was presented at the exhibition in Academpark in the framework of Innovation & investment forum "Innovation energetics".

25.03.2016 Special technologies, Ltd. took part in the trade fairPhotonics. World of Lasers and Optics 2016. At the trade fair was presented our developments in laser systems: CO2-laser серии Z (average power 40 W), leakage detector SF6 (sensitivity up to 1 ppb), pyroelectric detectors IRDetector-30 and IRDetector-32.

01.02.2016 Engineers of Special technologies, Ltd. designed laser radiation detectors IRDetector-30 and IRDetector-32 meant for a variety of IR detecting applications in the spectral range from 4 — 22 µm (2 — 20 µm).

03.11.2015 Special technologies, Ltd. developed terahertz radiation source with optical pump in the spectral range from 73 µm (4.11 THz) up to 210 µm (1.42 THz). Pulse power of THz radiation source is range from 3 up to 124 mW.

01.07.2015 Representatives of Special technologies, Ltd. attended the world's leading trade fair for the laser and photonics industry LASER World of PHOTONICS (June 21-25, 2015, Munich, Germany). Meeting with journalists of Photonics was held.

03.06.2015 Paper "Laser photo-acoustic spectrometer for gas analysis in medicine" was published in the journal "Photonics". In this paper principle of operation of LaserBreeze was shown.